Sara Sharpe


Award-Winning Actress, Writer, Coach, Social Entrepreneur

Sara Sharpe is an award-winning actress, writer, coach, and social entrepreneur from Nashville, TN. She is currently a Holistic Life Coach at Center of Symmetry in Nashville, TN, and she is the sole proprietor of SHARPE Communication, offering communication and presentation skills for women in a safe and nurturing environment, with the express purpose of encouraging women to strengthen their voices, speak truth to power, and to tell the stories that inspire them to take action on behalf of their own lives or someone else’s. She is also the former Artistic Director and co-founder, along with singer-songwriter Steve Earle, of the now defunct BroadAxe Theatre (Best New Theatre Company, 2001 Nashville Scene), Nashville’s most political theatre, and one which joins the long tradition of popular theatres working to unravel and express the root causes of social and political ills. Nashville audiences will remember her as Karla in Earle's world premier of Karla (Tennie award, Best Actress). Other favorite roles include Sunny Jacobs in The Exonerated, Mae in Maria Irene Fornes' Mud, and Gail in Nickel and Dimed (with the Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project). Additional credits include Conversations in a Time of Terror, (which she also compiled, partially wrote, and directed) Vinegar Tom, and Heathen Valley.

Sara is the creator of FESTIVE EVOLUTION: Art and Activism in the Twenty-first Century, an organization dedicated to helping artists mobilize their art and fan base for social and political change through ongoing educational programs and activities. Festive Evolution proudly presents Sara’s documentary/docudrama FAIRVIEW: An American Conversation. Currently, Sara and Fest Ev host monthly ARTemis meetings for female artists, in and around the Nashville area, involved in social change. Sara is the recipient of the NCADP Community Service Award.

Sara can be reached at You can also read her blog for A Dress, A Ring, Promises to Self.


Praise for Sara's Work


"I am finding Sara’s work to be cool water quenching a deep thirst that I have not recognized or honored for many years."

Winifred Tolliver
Nashville, TN

"Sara’s ability to connect intuitively on deep and profound levels is tribute to her ability see into the heart of the artist as a creative force inspired by spirit. Her enthusiastic encouragement, gentle coaching, generous attention, wealth of experience and love of nurturing provides a safe place for expression to be both borne and realized. I am blessed to know her and to have her counsel."

Pru Clearwater
Nashville, TN



"It is refreshing to meet an artist/activist such as Sara Sharpe; she is a visionary who believes in the power of theatre to inform public debate about relevant social issues. In viewing events produced by Sara, we are not merely entertained, but enlightened, challenged and motivated to take social or political action. The Nashville community is blessed with her presence and is stronger because of her artistry."

Keith Martin
ARTS Action Research
Charlotte, North Carolina

"Sara Sharpe is at the very core of vital dramatic activism, powerfully forging theatrical experiences on global human issues with pure spiritual conscience."

Andy Van Roon
Film Nashville



"Sharing our stories, speaking from the heart and hearing each other is essential for us to reweave the fabric of our national community.  Sara’s project, FAIRVIEW: An American Conversation, is a beautiful collection of stories, which sets the project apart and draws people in in a way that's non threatening. Once we start sharing our stories in a deep way in a safe place, anything is possible..."

Joan Blades
Co-founder of, and,
as well as co-creator of LivingRoom Conversations

“This is a powerful and moving way to test and challenge us in our deepest beliefs on some big topics of our time. We can’t know ourselves thoroughly, as individuals or as a country, unless we talk through tough issues, and this is a safe, structured, healthy way to do it.”

David Shipler
Pulitzer Prize Winner and bestselling author



“Ms. Sharp’s skill and expertise as a Communications Coach is unparalleled. Every lawyer, under the tutelage of Ms. Sharpe, is able to awaken his and her own unique gift and talent. It was amazing to watch the lawyers before Ms. Sharpe worked with them and to then witness these lawyers after she worked with them. The transformation was remarkable. Each lawyer’s closing argument was a unique masterpiece. As a criminal defense trial attorney of 26 years, I learned so much that I am able to bring back to my practice to better advocate for the clients’ who have entrusted their freedom to me.”

MaryEtta C. Marks, Esquire
Los Angeles, California

“I recently participated in a trial training seminar in Albany.  Half the coaches were seasoned trial lawyers and the other half were actors and or communications experts.  I had my doubts and reservations about the actors.  I was thinking that these actors had never been in a courtroom and they did not know what it is like to have a daunting criminal caseload. I could not have been more mistaken.  The actors at the seminar, and Sara Sharpe in particular, were excellent.  Sara and her fellow acting coaches showed us how to stand out as lawyers, orators, and performers in the court room.  How to paint word pictures for juries and even how to communicate more effectively with our clients.  Her insight, dedication and advice have already proven to be invaluable to my practice as a public defender in Manhattan.”

David Fisher, Esq.
Legal Aid Society
New York, NY