Sara is a Holistic Life Coach at Center of Symmetry in Nashville, TN. (Phone consultations are an option if you’re out of town.) She is currently available to help you plan your ceremony and craft your promises to yourself. For more about individual coaching sessions, see below. (For information about scheduling Sara for a one or two-day workshop, please go to “Workshops.”)

Bride in forestA note from Sara:

I am incredibly heartened by what can accurately be described as the new women’s movement. There is a real and important feminine instinct to fiercely protect the vulnerable and suffering (children especially), and that instinct is being expressed by women in unprecedented ways, all over the world. But I am every bit as excited by the transformative work being done by women on a personal level, many of whom are engaging in that work by making the kind of commitment to themselves described in A Dress, A Ring, Promises to Self. Becoming fully realized doesn’t have to mean saving the world; it can mean modeling, for one’s children, for instance, a joyous and empowered life. I would argue, in fact, that any commitment to social and political justice ought to begin with a commitment to ongoing, personal renewal and a desire to “self –evolve.”

Now is the time for women to speak up and to speak out, passionately and decisively. I encourage you, then, with all the passion I can muster, to take seriously the opportunity to heal, to grow, to commit to feeling and being your best, not only for your own children, but for children the world over. We can care for them effectively only when we’ve learned to care for ourselves at least as well. 

Those drawn to Sara’s coaching style are ready to move through the exciting (and sometimes discomfiting) process of letting go of that which no longer serves them and of claiming that which does. You are NOT a victim. You ARE smart enough. Your project MUST see the Light of day. YOU are the hero/heroine in your personal story and in our collective one. Specifically, Sara’s coaching is for you if you are:

If you’re in Nashville, call 615-321-4040 to make an appointment
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